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Review by Matt Peterson 2001/09/25

dstumbler is a clone of the popular win32 WiLDing tool NetStumbler (short for Network Stumbler). Similar to Marius's tool, this utility currently only supports Prism II & Orinoco PC Cards; Though this includes many reference designs and Orinoco OEMs:

  • Linksys WPC11
  • SMC 2632W
  • Addtron AWP-100
  • Compaq WL100
  • Buffalo WLI
  • etc.

dstumbler is written by David Hulton and runs on BSD (Free | Net | Open), utilizing the wi driver. The program it much more then just a shell script, it's a interactive complete ncurses (think top, etc) C program (with source).

The program includes standard features, such as: GPS support (make sure to set your unit to NMEA output), signal strength, and log export. Hulton has chosen to stick with the unofficial standard "wi-scan with extensions" log format, with a slight modification of time in epoch format; as seen below.

Click for the full size

dstumbler is part of the bsd-airtools package, which also includes a port of AirSnort (tool to "recover" WEP keys).

Note: the program has actual color to it, but I couldn't get that working in my Eterm.

Hopefully in the coming months, a similar tool will emerge with support the 3x powerful 100mW Cisco (Aironet) PC Cards. I'd also love the addition of determine the SSID mode; that is throw the card into a true promiscuous mode (raw 802.11 frames, see Doug Ambrisko's an patches) and wait until a user sends a probe request with their specified network name, then log the successful association from the invisible AP (no broadcast beacons).

Wireless LAN Discovery - the politically correct term for War Driving (a spin-off of War Dialing). War Driving just doesn't do justice, since many script kiddies don't have a car; so they'll ride the bus, peddle a bike, catch the ferry, or just walk around downtown.

Epoch Time (sometimes referred to as Unix time) is the time elapsed since 1 January 1970 00:00:00 (in seconds).